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What some clients have to say...

"I was spending all of my time at home, taking care of my two children but overlooking myself. Kara has been an incredibly supportive and positive coach to me. She creates personalized workouts that are doable, yet still challenge me. I feel stronger, have recovered from an injury, and have more energy to keep up with my two kids! I’m looking forward to following along with the virtual group (as well as personal training)...I think it’ll be really encouraging to connect with others doing the same workouts."

~Molly P.

"Kara's positivity, honesty and willingness to stick with me and help me move forward on my journey is nothing short of amazing. She takes a holistic view of her clients and is knowledgeable about nutrition, fitness, and how they need to work together in order to be successful. She is quick to respond to my questions and takes the time to discuss not just my question at hand, but how it relates to everything going on in my journey. I love her weekly emails, reach outs, and accountability groups. She practices what she preaches and is always there to lift us up and to try something new. I couldn't be where I am without her."

~Jen L.

"Kara's willingness to help women with their fitness and health goals is amazing! I love the weekly newsletters! They are so motivating and inspirational! Kara's positivity reminds me that...goals are achievable."

~Wendy P.

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